Tubes and Hoses International


Some of you may know me, my name is Allen Bendorf. In September, my partner Tom Tarsia and I purchased the Tubes n’ Hoses Company lock, stock and barrel. We have the ownership of Tubes n’ Hoses   and Tubes n’ Hoses International, tooling, patents, website, logos, customer database, drawings, etc. We   are the new Tubes n’ Hoses Company.

I have been a Tubes n’ Hoses dealer and believer since its beginning. Let me give you a little of my background with Carl Owens and Tubes n’ Hoses. I was the fourth dealer in the United States located in Mesquite Texas, after my purchase Carl told me I kept them afloat with my purchase. When Tubes n’ Hoses set up a distribution and training center in Dallas, Mr. Owens offered me a position with the company. There I became the company trainer and handled most of the technical support. A friend of mine, Tom Tarsia came on board to help out in the office and sell new systems. I served as trainer and did technical support for three years until they moved everything back to Jacksonville. I then opened my own shop, “Bird’s Radiator Service and Hydraulics”, in Waxahachie, Texas, where the first thing I did was purchase a Tubes n’ Hoses system. I have been in Waxahachie now for ten years and have watched my business grow ten years straight. Tubes n’ Hoses is 80% of my business now. When Tubes N, Hoses went up for sale, Stark Manufacturing in Russellville, Arkansas purchased it. They asked if I would be their trainer and handle their technical support, which I agreed to do. Unfortunately they had different priorities and never saw the true potential of Tubes n’ Hoses or the loyalty for the dealers. The owner decided to discontinue the Tubes n’ Hoses program, I found that a very difficult pill to swallow. So, I made Stark an offer to purchase Tubes n’ Hoses International from them and they agreed. I have always believed in the program and I have done quite well with it and want to share my successes and experiences with the Tubes n’ Hoses network of dealers.

It is our goal to help all those with Tubes n’ Hoses machines to get the most from their systems and to increase their profits. It is also our goal to offer “One Stop Shopping”.

Give us a call if you need Tubes n’ Hoses tooling, training or questions. Please call 972 923-0766 for questions concerning the Tubes n’ Hoses System or for technical support and questions, call 469 297-1446. We are here to help, so give us a call. We may be busy helping others, but leave a message and we will return your calls as soon as we can.

temp1As you can imagine we are experiencing growing pains. Please bear with us; it may take us a little time to get up to speed to provide the service we want to give to you.

Tom and I look forward to working hard for you and with you to make Tubes n’
Hoses a success story for everyone.

Sincerely, Allen Bendorf