The Tubes n’ Hoses program is the outgrowth of needs created by advancements in mechanical technology, both mobile and stationary.
As  we have progressed over the past hundred years, it seems to escape the notice of most observers the very critical role that fluids,  and fluid management play in the function of our modern life.
The need for fluid management exists any time a fluid material needs to be moved from one place to another.  A fluid can be anything fluid or flexible: air, oil, water, gas, fuel, chemicals, powder, concrete, slurry, etc.  Over the past several years, fluid lines collectively have become and are continuing to become the single longest source of emergency downtime in the world.  This occurs, in the AFTER MARKET…after vehicle and machines are beyond the warranty period.  The Tubes n’ Hoses program addresses fluid line manufacturing, service and repair.
Tubes n’ Hoses is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of equipment, tooling and supplies for the AFTER MARKET consumer.




February 2023
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Century Auto Air

"I found a way to offer a very unique service with virtually no competition with Tubes n' Hoses.  The bender and end forming capabilities are unmatched at this price point.  Only industrial high production manufacturing equipment can top it.  The hydraulic shops in the area refer their customers to me for the impossible.  We have expanded from just doing a/c hose to so much more, and it's fun.   I would highly recommend the Tubes n' Hoses system.  Especially if in a rural location or area that has heavy concentrations of agricultural/mining activity.  We have a huge competition in the hydraulics here so we concentrate on automotive, and the hydraulic shops hate to deal with automotive, so they refer customers here daily.  Auto parts stores even bring us hoses to have made for their customers.  For my business, they system has changed our situation.  We've been able to scale the system to provide us with a solid income that allows us to provide a very unique service to our existing customers and open avenues to new ones."                                                                                                     -Bob Steinmann, Century Auto Air

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