Universal Crimping

Universal Crimping Information:

• Electric hydraulic driven
• Crimps any tube or fitting up to 1.25″
• Open top AND bottom for complex assemblies

• Crimps any brand fitting
• Handles Metric OR American fittings

Crimping Tasks

• A/C Bubble
• A/C Staking
• Battery Cables
• Cooking Oil (Food Grade)
• Power Steering
• Pressure Wash
• Shell Crimping/Low Pressure
• Staking
• Steel Wire
• Step-Up/Step Down
• Teflon
• Thermoplastic
• Tube Reduction
• Vending Hose
• And More…

Here Are Some Of The Fluidlines You Can Produce with the Tubes n’ Hoses system

crimp_1Step-Down Crimping
crimp_2Shell Crimping – Low Pressure
crimp_3Rotary Crimp – Similar to Swaging
crimp_4Step Up Crimping
crimp_5A/C Bubble Crimping
crimp_7A/C Staking Crimp
crimp_13Vending Hose Crimping
crimp_14Teflon Crimping
crimp_9Food Grade Crimping
crimp_10Pressure Wash Crimping
crimp_11P/S Staking Crimp & Bubble Crimping
crimp_12Thermoplastic Crimping
crimp_15Tube Reduction for Brazing
crimp_16Steel Wire Crimping

Metal Forming

Forming Station Information • Converts standard tubing to metric • Crimps close-quarters A/C fittings •...

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Tube Bending

Bending Station Information • Produces bends made by other systems for a fraction of the...

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