The Fluidline Industry

What is it all about?

Where did it come from?

Where is it going?


Historically, it was impossible to earn a living selling hose and fittings.  Today there are several thousand hydraulic hose and fitting distributors making a living doing just that: Selling Hydraulic Hose and Fittings.  Specifically, they are in the Hydraulic hose and fitting business.  They are not in the fluidline business, nor are they addressing the untapped market of non-hydraulic applications.

In an increasingly customer service driven world, consumers will start to require “full service” fluidline function from their distributors.  Distributors who continue to focus exclusively on the hydraulics will witness a dramatic decline of the market share they have enjoyed for so long.  Simply put, hydraulic hose and fitting distributors must become fluidline distributors that can serve all industries while maintaining their hydraulic hose fabrication and bulk sales programs.

In any given community, there are well over fifty different customer categories the Tubes n’ Hoses fluidline distributor can serve that brand name hydraulic hose distributors can not and do not service.  With proper marketing, the expansion that Tubes n’ Hoses can bring to a hydraulic hose distributor will bring in as much or more profit than their present business.

In recent years, we have seen the addition of special applications brought on by newer designs and advanced technology.  For example:

  • The automotive and mobile equipment industry has brought us air conditioning, steering systems, fuel systems, oil and lubrication systems, cooling systems, ride control and classic management systems along with numerous other specialty applications.
  • The construction industry generated several potentials in terms of pneumatic, material transfer, dewatering, material placement hot fluids and steam, hydraulic, hammer systems, lift systems, and again several specialty applications.

The following is a generalized list of industries with tremendous service, repair and supply needs:

  • Marine industry
  • Forestry and timber industries
  • Power and generating industries
  • Agriculture
  • Food industry (in several categories)
  • Refuse industry
  • Cleaning industry
  • Hospitals and health care
  • Petroleum industry
  • Ground support for aircraft
  • Federal, State and Government facilities
  • Vending industry
  • Citrus and Citrus processing industries
  • Laundry industry

This is just to scratch the surface, as there are far more unmentioned industries that the Tubes n’ Hoses fluidline distributors can tap into.

What is the ultimate destiny of the fluidline industry? It continues to expand with every new model of ever machine of vehicle that is produced world wide.  Working pressures are increasing, systems are becoming more intricate, materials are becoming more sophisticated, shapes and designs are becoming more complicated, chemicals are becoming increasingly critical.  Sealing systems and connectors are changing.  Tube and hose materials are constantly evolving.

Where is it going? What does the future hold? The answer is simple.  It is inevitable that the fluidline industry will continue to grow.  Will you be a part of the largest service industry?

America’s New Service Industry:

“The Fluidline Industry”


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