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For this Dealer Spotlight, we went all the way across the world, to the land down under.  Mick at Tubeworx was generous enough to give us a few minutes of his time to answer our questions.  He’s a great asset to the Tubes n’ Hoses community, and we enjoy working with him.

What is your main business/products or services? CNC tube and pipe bending.  Automotive tube and hose manufacturing.    12080274_883764355042800_6591938648021762391_o

Describe your business.  Specialists in CNC Mandrel tube/pipe bending and automotive tubing and hoses manufacturing.  Tubeworx prides itself  in providing it’s customers with the latest in CNC mandrel tube/pipe bending services.  We can also manufacture automotive tubes and hoses for all applications.  We service customers from all over Australia and overseas.  The professional team at Tubeworx will help you with your inquiries.  With the ability to 3D scan, we can quickly reverse engineer customer’s samples and prototypes.  So if you are looking for production runs or one off’s, contact us at Tubeworx.

Why did you pick this particular kind of business?  We owned a previous business making automotive hoses as a mobile service.  We had 10 vans across the Country and logistically it was a nightmare.  We were approached by a company to make automotive brake tubes.  So we decided to sell the mobile business and go into more manufacturing.  We found the Tubes n’ Hoses machine on the internet, and the rest is history.

What’s the one thing your business is known for over your competitors?  Definitely the automotive tubes and hoses side of our business.

Why are you known for that? We have built a reputation as the place to go for these types of products.

What is the 1 thing you would change if you could do it over again? Good question, I don’t think we should ever look back.  I would probably have done exactly the same thing as we have.  Money is always the challenge in business.  You can never get enough of it.  It has been such a great journey and we have learned so much.  It would be a shame to change the road long traveled.  Nothing is perfect, nor should it be.  A wise man once said if you arrived here with no pain, look behind you there are a 1000 more people on the same road.

11934497_861570470595522_1343086683424102060_oWhat are some of the services you offer that people may not know about? We are constantly evolving as a business and looking to make new products.  Our latest service will be laser tube cutting.  This will start happening at the end of April, this year.

How has your Tubes n’ Hoses system helped you expand your customer base or helped your current customers? We owe where we are now to Tubes n’ Hoses.  It got us started, and we still use it today.  Crazy to think that this was our first machine and now we have 10 staff and 4 CNC benders and a vast array of other CNC equipment.  Our Tubes n’ Hoses machine takes pride of place and will remain at Tubeworx.  It may not get used as much as it did, but we love it.

What’s an interesting and fun tidbit about your business?  We make automotive tubes and hoses for the American vehicles which get converted left to right hand drive.  We used to bend brake lines on the Tubes n’ Hoses machine when we first started.  Made from 5/16 bundy tube, with 30 bends and just as many rotations.  My wife and I 1899918_585018514917387_1890071872_nwould work until midnight bending these lines on the Tubes n’ Hoses machine.  No person in their right mind would attempt it.  But somehow we got thru.  I think red wine and beer did play a part.  I remember we would get up to bend number 27 and due to the type of material it would kink because we were bending it from the center.  The whole thing would go in the trash and we would have to start again.  These days it is bent thru our CNC benders and takes about 30 seconds.

If your business were a book, song or famous artwork, what would it be and why?   The book would be War and Peace.  The song would be It’s a Long Way to the Top, by AC/DC.  The artwork would have to be graffiti, because we have never planned anything, it has just happened.

Life is not ALL about business….so what do you do in your free time? We love jet skiing, it takes our mind off the stress of business.  We also keep very fit, because without your health you have nothing.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?  Yes, please send donations, preferably cold hard cash, and lots of it 🙂 


Tubeworx Australia

7 Oasis Court, Clontarf Queensland Australia 4019

Phone: 1300 253 722



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