Preparing Hydraulic Systems for Cooler Temps

As we enter into fall, welcoming back football, harvest festivals, cooler weather and pumpkin everything; it’s time to prepare your hydraulic systems for colder temperatures.

It’s easy to see what the seasonal temperatures do the trees and even the effect it has on our skin but it’s not so easy to see what those cooler temps do to the machines that are used daily.  Cold weather can have a negative effect on the performance of hydraulic systems.  If the fluid is exposed somehow to the external environment through a leak in a hose, damaged equipment or poor machine design it can negatively effect the performance of your hydraulic system.  If cold enough, the fluid can clot to the point that the flow is restricted, which could lead to not only a high amount of friction but could damage the hydraulic pump.

One way to combat the cold weather effect on hydraulic systems is to check your hoses and connections.  As the weather changes and temperatures start to drop, it’s important to keep a regular routine of checking your hydraulic hoses and connections.   Look for weak spots and or/excessive wear and abrasion.  Be sure to check for cracks in the gauges as well.



Remember, cold temperatures lead to brittle hoses and increases the chance of hydraulic system failure.