Keeping up with changes

Cooling Systems are changing

Air conditioning and cooling technology continues to evolve & develop.  New cooling applications continue to expand the roles of air conditioning.

2017 Chevrolet Volt second generation

Most electric vehicles and plug in hybrids have three separate liquid cooling systems.  Look under any hood and you’ll discover a copious amount of hose connections.  You may also start to see more engine and transmission cooling, due to the possibility of a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Credit.

The future of the air conditioning system is changing to support advanced technology vehicles.  Air conditioning is no longer just a cabin cooling system, it has become a vital system for cooling high voltage electronics and battery packs.  This means that diagnostics and repair will become more expansive and profitable for shops.

You should expect and plan for the growth of the cooling industry; with more hoses, parts, sensors, systems and functions, clearly there will be more service needs.