Where are Hydraulic Systems Found in Everyday Life?

Hydraulics are used in many ways.  Everyday you see or use hydraulics, and never even think about it.   Hydraulic power systems have become one of the major technologies used by industrial, agricultural, defense, and transportation businesses.

Hydraulic machines use oil pressure as their primary source of energy.  Backhoes, dump trucks, some jackhammers and cranes, hose crimpers, plastic and aluminum extruders are all types of hydraulic machines.  Other hydraulic machines perform a wide variety of jobs, like injection molding, hose crimping, and metal stamping.  Creating things like aluminum baseball bats, moldings, metal plant hangers, components for sprinkler systems, and so much more.

Industry, manufacturing and entertainment venues also use hydraulic machinery.  Hydraulic machines such has spinning motors can be found in amusement parks, giving motion to rides, such as a Ferris wheel.  Some theater stages are hydraulically powered to rise and lower.  What about elevators, hydraulics are used to lift and lower the elevator. Bucket trucks, and some forklifts are powered by hydraulics.  Tree trimmers use different hydraulic machines to do their jobs.

In everyday life, hydraulics have become an important part of transportation.  Certain parts of cars are powered by hydraulics, including automatic transmissions, power steering, and brake lines.  The snowplows that keep the northern roads clear use hydraulics to move the plow up and down and side to side.  Aircraft use hydraulics.  Even industrial bakers use hydraulics to move goods along conveyor belts.  

Barber chairs, office chairs, and some dishwashers use hydraulics.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  What else can you add to the list? Where do you use or see hydraulics in your day to day ventures? Or better yet, what hydraulic business are you missing out on?