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About Tubes n' Hoses

Your Partner in Today’s Economy

Tubes N' Hoses provides you a complete solution for maintaining a number of components in various systems–and in a tight economy, maintenance needs are growing at an all time high.

Solutions For You

Cut out the middle man and down time with the Tubes n' Hoses fluid line fabrication system. You will be able to capture a large part of the fluid line market that exist in your community with the Tubes n' Hoses system. With Tubes n' Hoses you will be able to build and repair fluid lines that most hydraulic shops cannot. Read More


The Tubes n' Hoses system will expand your hydraulic hose and fitting program. This system will afford you the opportunity to diversify your business in ways you never thought possible. Tubes n' Hoses has several highly profitable procedures that hydraulic hose and fitting manufacturing have never been able to address. Read More


The Tubes n' Hoses system is a major breakthrough for the service industry. It integrates perfectly into your existing facility, and can be set up in one or two days with training and continuous technical support. Read More


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